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>> we began with news out of san francisco. a fire is burning in the west portal area. at 9 west portal ave. it is a commercial building at that address. it broke out just after 5:00 a.m. this morning. fire crews are there and we have a crew headed out. we will give you details from the scene. >> will trget it under control.s house is now completely
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destroyed. the firefighters are securing the scene to allow investigators to come back later and find out the cause. here is video from for 3:00 p.m.. 20 minutes into the fire and he slams for coming from the back of the house, the side of just about all the sections of the home. a middle-age couple lived at the house. they were woken by the flames in the kitchen area. they manage to get out but they did suffer some injuries. the man h inj6managed the neighbors
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sprayed the bush is down so they could not catch on fire. with that action as was the quick action from the fire department they managed to contain the fire only to this place. there were no fatalities however there were a few pets inside that died from the fire. there was live ammunition inside the home and neighbors could hear popping going onhey'rehe fir working hard to get this accident cleared. the will
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be stopping traffic. and give yourself extra time as she had along the nimitz freeway. it's not so bad on the northbound ride. you can also hop over to 580 that is your alternate and it is trouble-free. there is a trouble spot in san francisco with emergency crews still dealing with that two alarm fire on nine setting up a bus bridge. we will keep you updated as we receive more information. >> we had some stray showers early this morning. we will see bricks of sunshine into this afternoon. temperatures and a widespread 60s. i will show you what to expect for this weekend coming up in just a bit. >> the san jose police department is investigating on the 17th lot of rogers
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ave. a man was killed there and police are looking for a least two suspects this morning. that shooting marks the 37th homicide in san jose this year. >> live pictures from loss angeles that we have been monitoring of the space shuttle endeavor. it is sitting on top of a giant crawler. it is just crawling along the streets of l.a. as it makes his way to the california science center. it is only 12 mi. away from lax. the shuttle is moving so slowly and carefully that it will take two days to make that distance. the space shuttle have been nine hour layover in a private parking lot. crews will be dealing p . they will have to
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remove some trees but will plans to for everyone that they cut down. the space shuttle endeavor is the august but has gone to space over two dozen times as to the decade career. >> the oakland a's are out of the race but it continues for these stamford'giants. the niants' season continues games that at&t park sunday
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and monday if the cardinals win. games at at&t park wednesday thursday and friday if the nets win. at the heartbreaking loss last night in oakland as the a's are eliminated in the pro season from by the detroit tigers. the tigers took the lead early and never looked back. the fans were upset but only had positive things to say. is the first trip to the playoffs since 2006. we'll have reactions from both teams coming up in just a moment. >> we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes and the markets will be opening in about 20 minutes. we will have a preview about what we can expect from wall street in just a few minutes.
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>> san francisco-based wells fargo released earnings that beat expectations by one penny per share. samsung this morning unveiling a smaller version of its
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popular delicacy s3. it is the exact same size screen as the iphone 5. will see if the losses-- >> 6:10 a.m. right now the number of people of got sick and some die from the meningitis outbreak nationwide now has gone up. 14 people have died and 170 have gotten sick in this outbreak for take its there were jobs. the shot choose for back pain or produced in massachusetts at a pharmacy. idaho is the 11th state to report at least one illness. california remains unaffected by this. >> the contra costa county
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mosquito district is an ounce in six more dead birds that a positive for west nile fires that were found in britain with concord and oakland. of those located in the delta. 62 dead birds can seven chickens as well infected. you take a quick break it is 6:11 a.m. we will back with more headlines including the lat live crew there will get letters from the scene on the other side of this break.
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>> and we're back in the bay
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area. here is payable per map showing you where this is happening inside a commercial building at 9 west portal avenue that fire breaking out just after 5:00 a.m. this morning. looks like there's a lot of response to mike. >> a very large three alarm fire as it hands out you will see just how large this scene is. the fire breaking out just after 5:00 a.m.. crews are onin tusde through the area. it is also causing muni delay is. west
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portal to shut down between the center say and yellow wall. if you are looking for an alternate go one block over that will take you around the closure. if you are a muni passenger the k the l and the in line are all suspended until further
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notice. muni setting up a bus for passengers traveling through the area.t bound towards downtown all if you are looking for alternative to hop over to highway 580 that is loud and trouble-free. we do have scattered showers out there to drive carefully reduce your speed and make sure your headlights and when she wipers are on if you're in a area where it is rain. >> the clouds to contend with its we do have cause to contend with the fog at the james lick freeway and downtown san francisco. slight delay is s f post 52 minutes the lay on a arriving flights. note issues for oak. afternoon in ste green on your screen
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represents the '60s the wide range was see as we head into the afternoon. the micro climate is not in play at all that would continue to cool down to the 8:00 hour. you can see fifties start to fill in for livermore alan napa and santa rosa. low 60s when a coastline and for the east shore later tonight. south bay 9 on tap for los gatos 644 mountain view. . 67 walnut creek. los '60s mostly cloudy conditions for downtown san francisco santa rosa with an afternoon high of 67 degrees. the wet weather activity has pushed its way east not too much in the way of showers. sprinkles for the easton portion of contra costa county. kron 47 day around
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of a forecast shows a warmer conditions as we head into the start of the next week. hit tuesday and wednesday temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s for your warmest inland areas. doria. >> my record stands for itself i never say anything i don't mean. >> their try to blend the romney ride ticket. >> that is a bunch of malarkey. >> a heated prespoints they talt
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various topics national security jobs. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggy bank for obama care. their own action came to congress and said 1-6 hospitals and nursing homes will go out of business as a result of this. 7.4 million seniors are projected to lose the current me is a $3,200 benefit cut. >> is a from your own actuaries. >> what it signed up for the care that vanished after the change. >> mr. president i know you're under a lot of the rest to make that-but i think people will be better served if we do not interrupt each other. dell take a lot of four minutes did. >> for same don't change part on podiums. >> figure closer and closer
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to the questioner the next presidential debate is the town hall style will see how that goes. >> as far as winner or loser seeing in ended a debate poll that found that 48 percent thought ryan one of the baked 44 percent thought that by then came out on top. >> it is a town hall for the next presidential debate. that means that format citizens get to ask questions of the candidates. it will be held in thnew york income watched it on comcast 193. many of the debate between tuesday congressional candidates got yanked barmen towards his
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chest and shouted you want to get into this. they're both the democrats it in slow motion. that arm brown was--they are running against each other. >> the shares deputy had to step it. 6:23 a.m. we will be back with more than a couple of @p@po'
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>> by the way norway the country that gives out the nobel prize is not a member of the union. >> thanks allot mark we continue to try gas prices as we head into the weekend that he should fill her up guess what you will save 2¢ today. those people will fill the of yesterday's thought they got a good
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>> welcome back to the kron for morning news the opening bell on wall street the dow down 2.2%. we see dow futures up about 10. at the opening bell. wells fargo had their quarterly earnings come out the beat expectations by one penny. there's some disappointment with the revenue growth for wells fargo. wel also
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watching apple will see if apple stock can rebound $6.28 per share three weeks ago it was $3.70-test $3.50. thank you market has been a busy day fires around the bay area. >> the west portal neighborhood nine west portal avenue. the fire breaking out just after 5:00 a.m. are kron 4 reporter is standing by given us the latest information as far continues to burn. >> the fire religious broker the top of this cafe and you could see the flames are coming out the top of the scott and gobble, cafe there a three ladders you can see one spring water. the flames
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broke and the top the 63 alarm fire all of the trucks and some of the fire crews are watching their comrades and colleagues put water on the fire to control the blaze. you concede this firefighter pouring water on it it has been going on for more than an hour. crews on sing in the past few minutes additional fire lines have he plans and the fire breaking through the top just in the past few minutes even if you do not live here this is something that could affect you all day. >> you can see it is completely shut down the west portal. one of the trains pulled over to lead about 75 to 100 people off the train. streets are shut down eve rs
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>> look at your live shot in golf looks fully engulfed. >> there are three different ladders up item of you can see behind the smoke there is another ladder coming in from the back. that's mochas think it is hard to tell what they are doing on the backside. the latter is going right into the small. >> for those unfamiliar with the area could you tell us if the education business is sheer walls. >> there are firefighters going across the street out of camera view it looks like a nearby business on the other sides of the street where the rose the shutdown
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of the other businesses to be impacted. some of the motion to share walls. >> there is a cafe on the corner just to the right to see a structure with a number of windows is that part of the cafe or something different. >> it appears to be part of the cafe i have not had a chance to check on that. when i walked up there to be it looks to be part of the cafe. as he said there will be a major traffic implications. a big one for muni. >> as find out about that at impact on your commute. definitely a place to avoid if you are traveling on city streets incentives go. it is
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not west portal. the west portal tunnel is close this will affect the muni lines. they're setting up a bus bridge for passengers. keep in mind they do have a bus bridge on the way that was bridge will take you to st. francis' circle to downtown
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tam francisco once again this is just for the k in from reported to the home back in front. firefighters had to pull back and lused their ladders to separate the fire. the man suffered burns to his hand he was able to remain conscious and go door to door telling his neighbors to get out my home is on fire. take care of yourself. that is when the neighbor's cat out to spread their bushes and the side of their homes to make sure it did not spread. apparently it worked because this is the only home damaged. during the firefighting process it was a concern there was ammunition inside the place. the ammunition was burned out before it could hurt anyone. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. the
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brother-in-law believes the fire started in the kitchen area. >> banks will. >> let's go down to l.a. these are the live pictures coming from laws and as we see the space shuttle endeavor. it is making its way through the streets of laws and lawsl.a.. live picturea 12 mi. distance between3
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>> welcome back to the kron for more news the heartbreaking loss and open as the athletics were eliminated from the postseason by the detroit tigers. they want 6-00 fans were upset in the coliseum. this the a's first trip to the playoffs since 2006. the reason they have done so well this season is because of the outfielder cocoa crisp. everybody was cheering us on >> that is a great feeling. >>cheers >> these fans were
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absolutely amazing. the fans made it that way. we had a great year this is frustrating when you're that close. >> debt was the amazing part the fans stay around and cheering on the athletics. the detroit tigers will face the yankees or the orioles. on to the tigers will face the yankees or the orioles. on to the giants, victoriously in final out as the giants
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defied the odds beating the cincinnati reds in an historic comeback. the first team in national league history to win three games in a row after being down 2- 0 as they come back from elimination. >> will have it coming up for you the next hour. the giants moved on they will
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>> our top story a far burning in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. it is in a commercial building at 9 west portal avenue the fire broke out around 5:00 a.m.. now it has gone to a fourth alarm led see why it is growing. for our sole reporter is live. every more firefighters to help out. >> yes there about 110 cafe and theon st. just up westport has been damaged but no injuries. they're
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having a difficult time because of the location being on the corner spreading up to the attic crudes are having a difficult time putting the fire out. some of the buildings are residential. you can see windows which are actually homes and apartments. everyone was able to get out safely. this is going to impact your morning even if you do not live here in the west portal. you can see the muni station completely shut down at this point. you can see why firefighters, water lines are in the way. the train pulled over and let off 75 to 100 people. >> show me the ropes again with the water pouring out it looks like you have all the firefighters standing on the ground and they're >> exactly their work a couple of screws right before where i am showing you what they were working to get the planes to put out in the front that has dissipated. that part looks under control now the cruise on the latter are looking to
6:48 am
put the rest of the fire out there are about two to three ladders the dumping water from above. the fire has broken through the roof of the cafe. >> i see those lines are they all muni lines are some of them power lines?. >> there are lives across the street most in the intersection are many lines. >> wow! look at the amount of water they are pouring on this fire. you talk about the apartment or look living ar c people got off the muni have been watching from behind. they were all
6:49 am
fascinated as to what is going on. as far as people live there i do not know if they have gone somewhere else. >> this is quite the fire. would you say there are approximately 100 to 110 firefighters are the offer of tactical are they getting assistance! >> 3 of the trucks to my right there are another two to three more helping battle this obviously a massing there will be here all morning. >> mike talked about the impact on muni obviously the street has closedown let's go to the traffic center to find out more about how this fire is affecting the commute. >> they still have the area
6:50 am
called off until further notice. the tunnel shut down. west portal close between two spots. you can go one block over to what mystery to use as an alternate but no word as to when the streets will be open. if you are awaiting muni the k in the dim lights
6:51 am
are suspended until further notice there is a bus bridge set u hasher make sure you arrive early. >> back up the bay bridge toll plaza baseball in the 5:00. on the bay bridge pleas--you are backed up to abot 880 crossing started to get slow on the east shore three-way approach. give yourself a lot of time into the city. across the salsan mateo bridge is installed in both directions. >> good morning we haveas we hee afternoon. the inland areas slight potential for wet
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weather. clouds will be slow to clear we will see sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s. we do have the latest as at all 52 minutes on arriving flights call ahead and check with your carrier. as it pushed
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the clock to 3:00 p.m. we will see breaks along the water's vallejo napa fairfield. on to cloudy consistent east of san jose clouds relatively thick. as you recount have to new highs expect a wide range of '60s and south bay fremont at 66. 65 cupertino. 67 at palo alto. >> 74 antioch. 64 in san palo alto. >> 74 antioch. 64 in san leandaround t (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> and we're back at 6:55 a.m. to the latter will cause an additional pity next year as returns it to increase january 27th. postage will cost 45¢. the postal service will also began offering a new global are ever step. it will let you send ladders first-class to anywhere in the world for a flat rat as ps cannot raise rs more than the rate of
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inflation. >> actress lindsay loghan is putting her support behind mitt romney. she was asked if she was keeping up with the election she said i think employment is really important so as of now mitt romney. most of this endorsement will help or hurt the republicans can prodigious canada. other stories w on muni and there's a tunnel close down because of it the street is a sea of fire fighters. they are pouring water on this thing we're live on the see the latest developments in a couple of
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